Extension Hoses

For use with hand-operated grease guns only


  • 1/8" NPTF(m) ends
  • 12,000 psi burst pressure
Product #LengthWorking PressureHose TypeHose End
B337595-A112"6,000 psiThermoplastic*1/8” NPTF(m)
B337595-B118"6,000 psiThermoplastic*1/8” NPTF(m)
B317850-112"4,800 psiElastomeric*1/8” NPTF(m)
317850-1F18''4,800 psiElastomeric*1/8” NPTF(m)
317850-224''4,800 psiElastomeric*1/8” NPTF(m)
317850-336''4,800 psiElastomeric*1/8” NPTF(m)


For use with hand-operated grease guns only. The pressure rating on these hose assemblies applies when used with hand-operated grease pumping equipment ONLY, such as grease guns or bucket pumps.

DO NOT use with power-operated equipment. Rupture of the hose can result in serious injury such as fluid injection into the flesh. For powered equipment, refer to adapters and swivel devices, which can be safely used where rapid pressure rises are encountered.