Hydraulic Couplers

Alemite Hydraulic Couplers provide quick, positive and leakproof connection with hydraulic fittings.

All couplers feature a 1/8" NPTF(f) thread and a pressure of 10,000 psi (690 bar)
Product #ThreadTypeLengthPressureOther Features
6304-B1/8” NPTF(f)StandardNA10,000 psiMetal Seal
6304-C1/8” NPTF(f)StandardNA10,000 psiMetal Seal;built-in check valve
3087301/8” NPTF(f)NarrowNA10,000 psiRubber Seal
308730-A1/8” NPTF(f)NarrowNA10,000 psiRubber Seal;built-in check valve
B3300701/8” NPTF(f)NarrowNA10,000 psiMetal Seal; blister packed
B1541/8” NPTF(f)NarrowNA10,000 psiRubber Seal
3221201/8” NPTF(f)NarrowNA10,000 psiRubber Seal; 90°
6509-D1/8” NPTF(f)Standard 360° Swivel3-1/2”10,000 psiMetal Seal
6509-E1/8” NPTF(f)Narrow Diameter 360° Swivel410,000 psiRubber Seal