Industrial Lubrication Fittings

As the inventor of the zerk fitting, Alemite is a recognized global leader in supplying fittings for automotive and industrial use. Alemite fittings conform to SAE J534 standards for automotive OEM use, and Alemite’s manufacturing is ISO 9001 & IATF 16949 certified.

Alemite Hydraulic Lubrication System – What you need to know!


American National Pipe Thread Code
PTFSAE short taper pipe thread
NPTFAmerican National taper pipe thread for Dryseal pressure-tight joints
NPTFAmerican National straight pipe thread for mechanical joints
NPSIAmerican National straight intermediate pipe thread
BSPBritish Standard pipe thread

» AS, AS2 AS3 fittings conform to SAE AS3541
» AS1 fittings conform to Boeing BPS-F-219