1/4"-28 and 1/8" Thread-Forming Fittings

Alemite Thread Forming Fittings have special tapered drive threads which reshape the material in an untapped hole to provide a leak proof seal. They are most effectively installed by spinning into the untapped hole, but may be driven straight into the untapped hole. Thread forming fittings can be replaced by any standard threaded fitting or by another thread forming fitting.


  • Exceeds 72 hour salt spray test
  • Dirt excluding check ball
  • Threads provide strong seal
  • Dyed yellow for identification
  • Trivalent zinc plating
  • RoHS compliant
Product #ConfigurationHex SizeHole Size Recommended
3038-BStraight5/16”.230 - .235
3053-B45°3/8”.230 - .235
3054-B90°3/8”.230 - .235
1720-BStraight7/16”.373 - .380
1723-B90°7/16”.373 - .380
1724-B45°7/16”.373 - .380
369582Straight9/32”.230 - .235