Hydraulic Grease Pumps

Alemite’s Hydraulic Grease Pump provides a high quality, cost effective solution for delivering grease without the need for compressed air. The Alemite Hydraulic Pump is an excellent choice for lubrication systems. The pump is offered in configurations for 35 Lb., 120 Lb., and 400 Lb. containers and with or without flow controls.


  • Hydraulic powered
  • Compact footprint
  • Sturdy, reliable construction
  • Input pressure: 600 psi
  • Output pressure: 7,500 psi
  • Maximum system pressure: 3,500 psi
  • Delivery: 16 oz/min
  • Input flow: 2.5 GPM
  • Max hydraulic fluid temperature: 200 °F
Product #Description/Container SizeWeight
8700-A35 Lb.34 Lb.
8700-B120 Lb.36 Lb.
8700-C400 Lb.38 Lb.
8702-A35 Lb. with vent return34 Lb.
8702-B120 Lb with vent return36 Lb.
8702-C400 Lb with vent return38 Lb.
8700-A135 Lb., with cover and follower37 Lb.
8700-B1120 Lb., with cover and follower39 Lb.
8700-C1400 Lb., with cover and follower41 Lb.
8702-A135 Lb. with vent return, cover and follower37 Lb.
8702-B1120 Lb with vent return, cover and follower39 Lb.
8702-C1400 Lb with vent return, cover and follower41 Lb.
34099235 Lb., with control manifold46 Lb.
340993120 Lb., with control manifold48 Lb.
340994400 Lb., with control manifold50 Lb.
34099735 Lb. with vent return and control manifold46 Lb.
340998120 Lb with vent return and control manifold48 Lb.
340999400 Lb with vent return and control manifold50 Lb.
340989Control Manifold10 Lb.
340558Vent Valve5 Lb.