Pneumatic RAM - Portable

Alemite RAM Pump  9911-J
Model 9911-J

Alemite’s Portable RAM Pump provides fast, quiet and efficient operation. Many models come equipped with accessories required for quick, easy installation and set up. 


  • 3” diameter air motor
  • Meets OSHA noise requirements (85dB)
  • Flexible follower for straight or tapered containers
  • 1⁄4” air inlet
  • Pump ratio 50:1
  • Easy serviceability
All models feature a pump ratio of 50:1 and a 3/8” NPTF(f) material outlet
Product #Drum SizeDeliveryFollowerCoverBare pumpDollyWeight
9911-A1*35 Lb./70 Lb. Bulk4.5 Lb./minute337665/338802323496-A49911-R139362968 Lb.
9911-J1)35 Lb.4.5 Lb./minute3376653381669950-C1NA29 Lb.
9911-H11)35 Lb.4.5 Lb./minute3376653381669950-C1NA25 Lb.
9911-Z11)35 Lb.4.5 Lb./minute3376653381669911-133895850 Lb.
9941120 Lb.3.25 Lb./minute3388023383719940316315-554 Lb.
9951-11)120 Lb.4.5 Lb./minute3388023383719950-1316315-550 Lb.
9951-S11)120 Lb.4.5 Lb./minute3388023383719950-1NA37 Lb.
9951-T11)120 Lb.4.5 Lb./minute3388023383719950-133895857 Lb.
9911-HB11)20 Kg.2.04 Kg./minute338992338982NA338958 (not included)50 Lb.
9911-HC11)50 Kg.2.04 Kg./minute338993338983NA
338958 (not included)50 Lb.
9911-C135 Lb.2.04 Kg./minute3376653381669911-1NA21 Lb.

1) Includes control valve (6320-3), 7’ material hose (317875-7) and Z swivel (52752)

Explains the repair and replacement procedure for RAM pump assemblies

*California Proposition 65: Click to read the full warning