Stationary Pneumatic RAM Grease Pumps

Alemite RAM Pump 9940
Model 9940
Alemite Stationary RAM Pumps deliver fast, quiet and efficient operation. Capable of delivery up to 4.5 pounds per minute, RAM double acting grease pumps reduce line pulsation and allow lower operating pressure. They are designed for piped installations of moderate length.

  • 3” diameter air motor
  • Recommended for piped installations up to 150 feet
  • Meets OSHA noise requirements (85dB)
  • Easy 360° adjustment of material outlet and air inlet
  • May be used with or without lubricator
  • Easy access air motor and spool – without removing downtube
  • Flexible follower for straight or tapered containers
  • Metric RAM pumps meet European CE standards
  • Easy serviceability
  • Air Inlet: 1/4” NPTF(f)
All models feature a delivery rate of 3.25 Lb./minute
Product #Drum SizeMaterial OutletPump RatioFollowerCoverWeight
9940120 Lb.3/8” NPTF(f)70:133880233837128 Lb.
9949400 Lb.3/8” NPTF(f)70:133891133816332 Lb.
9950-1120 Lb.3/8” NPTF(f)50:133880233837119 Lb.
9950-A1120 Lb.3/8” NPTF(f)50:1338802 (included)338371 (included)32 Lb.
9979400 Lb.3/8” NPTF(f)50:133891133816325 Lb.
9979-A400 Lb.3/8” NPTF(f)50:1338911 (included)338163 (included)49 Lb.
9950-C120 Kg.3/8” NPTF(f)50:133899233898218 Lb.
9950-150 Kg.3/8” NPTF(f)50:133880233837119 Lb.
9950-D1180 Kg.3/8” NPTF(f)50:133891133898423 Lb.
9930Bulk3/8” NPTF(f)50:1Not requiredNot required16 Lb.

Explains the repair and replacement procedure for RAM pump assemblies