Pneumatic - Industrial

Alemite Pump 7783-C4
Model 7783-C4

Alemite Industrial Pumps are designed to deliver fluids through long delivery lines or to multiple dispensing points, and are built for continuous use.

  • 4 1⁄4” – 6” diameter air motor
  • Recommended for pumping distances over 100 feet
  • Includes Air Connector and Quick Detach Air Coupler
  • Requires Bung Adapter, Cover and Muffler (not included, refer to table below)
  • Requires appropriate downtube
  • 3⁄4” air inlet and outlet
  • Material Outlet: 1/2” NPTF(f)
Product #Drum SizeMaterial InletPump RatioDeliveryCoverWeight
7783-A455 gallon (208 liter)N/A6:110 g/m323847-455 Lb.
7783-C4Stub1 1/2” NPTF(f)6:110 g/mVaries with drum size*45 Lb.
7793-A155 gallon (208 liter)
N/A12:16.5 g/m323847-475 Lb.
7793-CStub1 1/2” NPTF(f)12:16.5 g/mVaries with drum size*

65 Lb.

Bung Adapter for all models: #326750-B1

Muffler for all models: #324170

*See the Drum Covers and Drum Covers - Bung Mount sections for Cover information.