Y-bearing designs

SKF Y-bearing take-up unit assortment comprises Y-bearing series and designs with main differences in the way the bearing is locked onto the shaft and different sealing solutions.

For detailed information about the Y-bearing assortment including their different locking methods, sealing solutions and materials, refer to section Y-bearings (→ Designs and variants, product table).

Locking methods

Eccentric locking methods available as standard for Y-bearing take-up units are:

Sealing solutions

The Y-bearings used in the standard assortment of Y-bearing take-up units are capped with either:
  • standard seals (fig. 3)
  • standard seals with additional flingers (fig. 4)
  • multiple seals or food-compatible multiple seals (fig. 5)
On request, Y-bearings can be supplied capped with either:
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