SKF Pole Position Plus program

SKF is pleased to announce SKF Pole Position Plus, its garage program, which is an expansion of the succesful SKF Pole Position concept.

SKF Pole Position Plus is a comprehensive support package that provides you with 4 essential business benefits:

  • Information
More than 100 different specific fitting instructions covering almost all fast-moving timing belt kits (including teming belt kit with water pump and timing belt kit with engine seals), DVD and online catalogues, product range updates, dedicated website...

  • Education
Training, SKF Pole Position bulletins, fitting tools and videos, in-depth factory visits

  • Garage support
Marketing campaigns, flyers CATA posters, magnetic encoding cards, posters...

  • Branding
Customised signage, unique SKF merchandise, workwear and tools, PoS displays...

Find out more overleaf and let SKF Pole Position Plus help you - the garage owner - increase your business and provide your customers with the very best service!
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