E-Learning Courses

Learn at your own place and pace with SKF E-learning courses. These courses cover a wide range of product and technology topics and complement the courses taught by our specialist training staff.

The SKF Reliability Maintenance Institute offers a comprehensive range of Online courses covering a range of topics. This enables self-paced learning to be enjoyed at the time and place that best suits your needs.

These courses are designed to introduce you to the subject and are considered the pre-requisites for the Intermediate level classroom courses.

Interactive computer based courses

The SKF Self-Learning Tools are a one-stop interactive solution for learners at various levels including the students of mechanical and other engineering streams. They eliminate the need to take time from work and to travel long distances to acquire knowledge, thereby reducing the costs considerably. They offer impartial assessment, and help you to update your competencies to acquire new skills at your will, 24/7.

These tools are periodically updated to reflect the current technology trends and practices. They are also a solution to finding the 'right trainers' and delivering consistently in quality and cost.

Download the files here

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