SKF Gear Bearing Unit

A compact solution for the Power Take Off of truck engines

The new generation of truck engines requires higher Power Take Off (PTO) performance, e.g. from 300 Nm to more than 720 Nm. The outcome is the need of a stronger and more power intense solution between the crank shaft and PTO. The current plain bearing solution could not cope with the higher torque and therefore lost performance.

As a result SKF has developed a roller bearing solution in order to ...

  • increase the power intensity
  • increased the service life
  • integrate gear wheel into the offer

The robust unit with high load carrying capacity enables increased power density and engine downsizing and consists of:

  • Gear wheel
  • Tapered roller bearing or cylindrical roller bearing
  • Bearing journal


  • Roller bearing solution
  • Pre-adjusted unit
  • Robust design


  • High load carrying capacity and PTO torque (>720 Nm)
  • Reduction of oil flow and oil pump size
  • Optimized oil metering
  • Optimized running accuracy
  • Reduction of oil friction during high load operation
  • Increased service life
  • Ready to use
  • Easy to interchange with current solution
  • Stable raceways under high load conditions
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