Seeding planters

Sowing greater reliability and productivity

Following long periods of inactivity, seeding planters are pressed into intensive service in harsh conditions. The bearings that enable them to sow effectively are subject to the ingress of dirt, dust, detergents and moisture. All of these contaminants can lead to bearing failures and costly, unplanned downtime.

To ensure the highest profit margins, seeding planters must also perform as precisely as possible. Computer-assisted actuation systems can enable such precision, but these components must resist the toughest field conditions.

SKF can help

With SKF Agri solutions, OEMs are designing the next generation of more reliable, productive seeding planters. Robust SKF seal designs and relubrication-free bearing units can reduce maintenance and lubrication demands. Compact electromechanical actuators can enable precision seeding techniques, while SKF engineering consultancy services can help OEMs address any requirement.


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