Transmission front cover

Transmission front cover
The cover sealing module consists of a cover plate with an outer static seal and an inner rotary shaft seal integrated into the unit.

For the typically large sizes needed at the flywheel side of a transmission, SKF has developed an economical module using assembled static and dynamic sealing elements. Here a separate shaft seal is assembled to the cover ID and an O-ring is installed on the OD.

  • Includes a static seal to the outside diameter and a rotary shaft seal
  • Full flexibility of rotary shaft seal design (conventional elastomer, PTFE, Low Friction)
  • Special “groove” at OD allows use of inexpensive O-ring

  • Easy to install
  • Reliable sealing for long service life
  • Low friction designs can be used to minimize fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Cost effective solution as the large stamping must not be moulded directly

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