When sustainability targets align with cost, output and food safety

Align sustainability targets with cost, output and food safety

While sustainability is becoming more and more a driver of brand image, environment related costs in terms of energy, waste, water, and % of landfill expense can not be overlooked.

When you have done all the big things in meeting your targets, what if you could prove incremental environmental benefits through improvements in reliability and food safety?

When you upgrade your equipment with relubrication-free bearing technologies, you will reduce cost because additional lubricant – and frequent component replacements – are no longer needed. In addition to the associated CO2 savings, the risk of wastewater contamination from washed-down bearings grease is eliminated for a healthier environment.

You can make the shift from a disposal oriented to a prevention oriented culture by implementing water saving and relubrication-free bearing solutions.

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One source of energy and waste cost saving is equipment reliability. For this, setting and executing the right maintenance strategy is key. Find ways to meet your target OEE.
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