SKF corrosion-resistant bearings with Solid Oil

Keep contaminants out and maintenance requirements low

Bearings filled with SKF Solid Oil

SKF bearings with Solid Oil lubrication technology utilize an oil-saturated polymer matrix that virtually fills all of the free space within the bearing.

SKF bearings with Solid Oil technology are relubrication-free. They withstand both the negative effects of high humidity, and the breathing effect caused by air volume expansion and contraction. These features make them ideal for rapid operating temperatures changes, such as those found in freezer applications.

Solid Oil technology can be used in virtually all bearing types that have sufficient internal free space. These include SKF Food Line stainless steel deep groove ball bearings, and MRC Ultra corrosion resistant deep groove ball bearings.

Bearings with Solid Oil are available as NSF H1 approved food-grade variant.

Utilizing SKF bearings with Solid Oil lubrication technology, you can:
  • Increase reliability while reducing the costs associated with failed bearings and downtime
  • Meet proactive food safety regulations
  • Increase production output
  • Make working conditions safer for maintenance personnel
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