SKF Quickgrip Bolts

Speedy and reliable mounting and dismounting.

SKF Quickgrip Bolt, mounted

Cost efficiency is a make-or-break factor in operational economy and this is especially true of the marine industry. The problem with conventional fitted bolts is that they must be “mauled” into place with a sledge hammer. This happens after a time-consuming procedure which involves honing of the holes and individual grinding of the bolts.

By using the unique patent pending SKF Quickgrip Bolt system you can dramatically cut the amount of time required and reduce costs. The SKF Quickgrip Bolts offer a significantly better method of connecting rotating flanges. Compared with traditional bolt systems, the SKF Quickgrip Bolts are easier to install and remove. It takes much less time and the flange halves hold together far more securely. Furthermore, the bolts can be reused during the whole lifetime of the vessel. This also makes the SKF Quickgrip Bolt a truly efficient solution.

The SKF Quickgrip concept is a further development of the SKF Supergrip Bolts. It is designed for high-torque rotating flange connections – for all types of propulsion systems. Furthermore, the mounting of rudders and other critical applications can be performed quickly, safely and reliably using SKF Quickgrip Bolts. The system has been approved for use by all leading international and national classification societies and regulatory bodies.

Benefits of SKF Quickgrip Bolts:

  • Remarkable time-savings during first installation and maintenance – thanks to safe, predictable and reliable dismounting and re-mounting.
  • The expandable sleeve is designed with a flange which will position it correctly immediately with no need for a mounting collar.
  • The mounting process is a one-step operation, no need to change any tools in-between.
  • The risk of damaging the coupling when removing the bolts is eliminated. Furthermore, all bolts are fully re-usable.
  • The bolts are available for flange hole sizes from 40 mm up to above 140 mm, and they are tailor-made for each application.
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