Turbulo service and spare parts

Service and spare parts for Turbulo Oily water separator and Turbulo Sludge Buoy – the tank skimming equipment

Turbulo has been operating successfully in the market since 1924. The product portfolio encompasses plants for onshore, offshore, power station and shipping applications.
Regardless of whether you need technical support, system consultation or emergency service – our qualified technicians are on call 24/7 all over the world. Of course we only install original spare parts to ensure that the bilge water separator class approval always remains valid.

Initial consultation, planning, technical support for new-build and retrofit:

  • Complimentary initial consultation
  • Initial installation of components
  • Commissioning of the components on board
  • Familiarisation training for the crew

Regular service, spare parts and consumables:

  • Outstanding OEM quality for spare parts and consumables for type TEI, TEIF, TEIF/S, TPC, TCP/H, TCS, TCS HD, TMBP and TMBP H bilge water separators
  • GEPANU online system for verifying certified original spare parts
  • High availability of replacement parts
  • Conversion of MEPC.60(33) to MEPC.107(49)
  • 15 ppm bilge alarm calibration service
  • Bilge water analyses in our own laboratory: Analysis of particle distribution, determination of solid content, boundary layer analysis, determination of the oil content using gas chromatography, determination of the degree of emulsification using flow potential measurements, viscometry
  • Particle and UV oil content measurement on-site
  • Class inspection, renewal of IOPP inspection
  • Crew training relating to MEPC107/(49) certification
  • Qualified service technicians worldwide
  • Standardised service reports worldwid
  • Offshore service according to the Bosiet certification

Emergency service:

24/7 hotline with technical support: +49 172 437 78 / turbulo.service@skf-marine.com
Emergency service support
Highest availability and express delivery of standard components and spare parts

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