Debarking drums

High performance with low speeds and variable loads year-round

There are a number of different types of debarkers in use today. The mechanical debarker is the most widely used, working on a friction principal. These debarkers need to be able to operate reliably at low speeds, with loads that vary from low to medium.

In addition, bark can be more or less difficult to remove depending on the climate. In cold weather bark adhesion can be 2-3 times higher than in summer. If logs are frozen, debarking can be an even greater challenge.

Operating conditions can also vary by local conditions as well, with drums being operated dry or partially submerged in water.

Improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs with SKF
Regardless of the type of debarker and the conditions it must endure, it is critical that it run reliably. SKF offers a wide range of solutions for debarking drums including:
  • Condition monitoring equipment that helps reduce maintenance costs
  • High performance rolling or hydrostatic bearings, housings sealing and lubrication solutions that help improve efficiency and reliability

SKF solutions for debarking drums

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