Overcome lubrication issues and optimize refiner operation

The refining process is vital in the art of pulp and paper making. Before refining, the fibres are stiff, inflexible and form few bonds. After refining, fibres are pliable and have greater surface area, which significantly improves the fibre bonding. The properties of the paper are directly related to the refining process.

Refiners generally operate at medium to high speeds that can be over the speed limits indicated in the SKF general catalogue , with loads that can range from low to high. Problems with refiners vary from lubrication issues and high axial loads to sensitivity to spherical roller thrust bearings preload in modern refiners.
A wide range of solutions from SKF
To ensure an optimal fibre bonding, refiners must run reliably and efficiently. SKF offers a wide range of solutions for chippers including:
  • Condition monitoring equipment that helps reduce maintenance costs
  • High performance bearing, sealing and lubrication solutions that help improve efficiency and reliability

SKF solutions for refiners

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