SensorMount saves paper mill 26 900 euro

The challenge

SensorMount TMTM 1500
Maintenance at a high-volume paper mill had been changing an average of five large tapered bore bearings per year. Using typical mounting tools and procedures, the team fit the bearings with KM nuts, impact spanners and feeler gauges. The resulting man-hours and costs were excessive. Worse yet, improper mounting procedures resulted in a bearing failure rate of 8% per year.

The SKF solution

For help, the company turned to its SKF Authorized Distributor, who suggested SensorMount, a sensorized mounting system.

The result

Using the system's sensorized bearings and hydraulic nut, the team slashed mounting times by 90%. Bearing failures due to improper mounting procedures were eliminated. Based on the six-year estimated service life of a hydraulic nut, SKF and the mill calculated the following savings and return on investment (ROI) summary over 6 years:
  • Savings on labour costs: €13 600
  • Savings on bearing costs: €22 800
  • Combined parts and labour savings: €36 400
  • Investment in SensorMount: -€9 500
  • Total savings: €26 900
  • ROI: 283%
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