Polyurethane HRS seals

High performance radial shaft seals for wind turbines

HRS1 seal

HRS seals from SKF are specially designed to cope with the harsh conditions that wind turbine main shafts face (Fig. 1). They offer lubricant retention and contamination exclusion to reduce the risks of lubrication or contaminant-related bearings failures and their consequences, such as production downtime and repair costs. HRS seals are made of G-ECOPUR, a polyurethane elastomer material with excellent abrasion resistance and tear strength (Fig. 2).

These high performance radial shaft seals can deliver significantly extended service life and help wind farm operators to reduce maintenance costs and ultimately increase wind turbine reliability.

Benefits and features of HRS seals (Fig. 3):

  • Extended service life due to high abrasion resistance material
  • Easy up tower installation
  • Reduced contaminant-related bearing failures
  • Hydrolysis resistance, UV radiation and ozone due to G-ECOPUR material
  • Increased wind turbine reliability
  • Facilitated up-tower retrofits
  • Customization of seal size thanks to flexible manufacturing process
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