SKF to showcase solutions for Life Cycle Management at PTC Asia 2015

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    2015 October 26, 14:00 CEST

    Gothenburg, Sweden, 26 October 2015: SKF will present a selection of its innovative products and solutions at PTC Asia 2015 in Shanghai, China, 27-30 October.

    This year, SKF demonstrates the new SKF EnCompass Field Performance Programme and a range of solutions for industrial electric motors, elevators, centrifugal compressors in chillers, gearboxes and remote diagnostics etc., which shows SKF’s excellent capacity of helping customers of the industrial drive industry to realize Life Cycle Management (LCM).

    “SKF is one of the major drivers for the power transmission industry in China. For this year’s PTC Asia, we bring advanced products and solutions that help customers to better realize asset LCM. SKF combines its expertise and industrial experience based on the actual demands of the Chinese market, to contribute to the development of China’s industrial drive industry through its powerful technical innovation and product development capabilities, that are close to our customers”, says Patrick Tong, SKF China President.

    New small sealed SKF Explorer spherical roller bearings with improved performance are one of SKF’s prominent exhibits on this year’s PTC. The bearings prolong or even virtually eliminate service intervals and needs for re-lubrication, for gearless traction motors and reduce environmental impact. The new range of bearings uses a novel seal design, given the designation ‘RS’, which reduces overall friction in the bearing by up to 20 percent. In representative running conditions, this translates into calculated annual energy savings of up to 145 kWh. For a typical gearless traction motor in a heavy-duty elevator, replacing two sealed SKF Explorer bearings with the newly optimized design could cut CO2 emissions by up to 100 kg annually. Over the motor’s lifecycle, it can add up to a two-ton reduction in CO2 emissions.

    The new small sealed SKF Explorer spherical roller bearing is part of the SKF EnCompass Field Performance Programme. This programme provides users with a more detailed analysis of the factors that influence bearing service life and enables users to optimize bearing selection and design for improved performance in real-world conditions.

    Also on display will be the new oil-free pure refrigerant lubricated bearings for centrifugal compressors in chillers. The new bearings are a unique oil-free solution for direct drive centrifugal compressors in chillers, that uses low-viscosity refrigerant as the bearing lubricant.

    Furthermore, visitors will be able to see a new magnetic system, an oil-and contact-free drive for centrifugal compressors in chillers. Combining a high-speed permanent magnet motor and active magnetic bearings with integrated controls, the magnetic system can operate with variable speed drives from various manufacturers to deliver energy savings of at least 10 percent versus conventional centrifugal compressor designs. This innovative technology also reduces maintenance costs for the users and provide them with reliable and cost-effective air conditioning.

    SKF’s HRS seals will also be shown at the exhibition. From wind turbines to underground mining machinery, shaft seals frequently provide the first line of defense between the external environment and critical bearings and gearbox components. The new generation HRS seals can extend the service life of heavy-duty equipment operating in difficult conditions, and are manufactured in a full range of standard sizes to suit heavy-duty applications in a range of industries, including wind energy, cement manufacture, mining and tunnel boring equipment.

    SKF will demonstrate the revolutionary technology of SKF Insight which enhances bearing condition monitoring management in railway and wind power industry. SKF Insight creates a cost effective way of collecting condition monitoring data so that bearing life and change-out intervals are determined based on real operating conditions.

    Established in China in 1991, Power Transmission and Control exhibition (PTC Asia) is a leading industry exhibition in power transmission and control technologies. As a leading knowledge engineering company, SKF has participated in this exhibition for seven years to exhibit its advanced technologies and integrated solutions to meet the increasing needs of Asian customers. Visitors can find SKF in Hall N4, booth B3 at the Shanghai Expo Centre.

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