Learning and development

Catalyst to self-empowerment

SKF has a fairly high retention rate and it is not unusual to meet employees, staff and workers alike, that have been with the company for decades. Many view the company as part of their family where their grandparents, parents, siblings or spouse are working in the same company.

One of the reasons this is so may be the fact we offer personal learning and development opportunities to our employees. A concrete example is SKF’s Individual Development Plan (IDP) - an entitlement for all our employees. 

IDP serves as the basis for skills improvement and training recommendations. Our training programmes encompass both professional skills such as sales and marketing, leadership skills, and personal skills such as negotiation or time management.

Making learning more accessible for our employees is also the driver for creating the SKF College, with campuses in Europe, Asia and North and South America. SKF's global curriculum are locally adapted and provided in local languages at the campuses, thus reducing the need for long distance traveling and being away from work and family. 

SKF also offers talent management programmes and internal mobility schemes to help develop future leaders in the company.

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