Positive impact

For 110 years, we at SKF have been reducing friction, making things run faster, longer, cleaner and more safely. Doing this in the most effective, productive and sustainable way contributes to our vision of reliable rotation.

We maintain our focus with two main objectives:

  1. Reduce the negative environmental impact from our own operations and those of our suppliers

    Between 2006 and 2016 – while our business grew by 37% – we were able to reduce the total energy requirements of our manufacturing operations by 14% –  We call it a good start but we must do more.
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  2. Innovate and offer our customers new technologies, products and services with enhanced performance on safety, health and the natural environment.

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Based on life cycle thinking
Numerous environmental studies, carried out by SKF in recent years have shown that SKF’s products and services generate the most significant environmental impact during their use, as opposed to their manufacture, transportation etc. This means that the greatest potential for reducing environmental impact lies typically in the customer use phase.

It is also well understood that SKFs customers in all industries are increasingly driven to improve the energy efficiency as well as to reduce the environmental impact from their products, services and processes.

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