Bearings for automotive applications

SKF supplies a wide variety of standard and special bearings, (fig 1) including sensorized bearings as well as ready-to-mount bearing units, to the automotive industry for different car and truck applications. The range includes
  • car hub units (fig 2)
  • truck hub units (fig 3)
  • belt tensioner units (fig 4)
  • water pump spindles (fig 5)
  • clutch release bearings (fig 6)
  • propeller shaft intermediate and support bearings (fig 7)
  • propeller shaft centring bearings (fig 8)
  • suspension bearings (fig 9)
  • free wheels (sprag clutches) (fig 10)

Vehicle replacement parts

A comprehensive range of so-called Vehicle Kits is also available for replacement purposes for a wide selection of various car and truck models. These kits contain not only the requisite bearings, but also the appropriate accessories such as seals, nuts, retaining rings etc. The range of kits includes:
  • hub bearing kits for cars
  • hub bearing kits for trucks
  • synchronous drive and belt tensioner kits
  • clutch release bearing kits for cars
  • clutch release bearing kits for trucks
  • water pump spindle kits
  • suspension bearing kits
For more information about automotive aftermarket products, please visit the SKF website "".
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