Static motor analyzers

High-voltage test equipment for testing motors when they are off-line

SKF’s high-voltage static motor test equipment is designed to detect weaknesses and faults in motor insulation. These essential predictive maintenance tools allow maintenance professionals to assess any need to maintain or replace specific motors and generators that support their business.

For more information, contact an authorized dealer of SKF electric motor test and monitoring solutions in your country using this page. In the United States, refer to the list of regional sales representatives on this page, or call SKF EMCM directly at +1 970 282 1200.

SKF Static Motor Analyzer - Baker AWA-IV

The Baker AWA-IV series of static motor analyzers offer a wide range of electrical insulation tests to identify problems before a motor can unexpectedly fail. These are fully-automated testers that are user-programmable for reliable test repeatability and ease of use.

SKF Static Motor Analyzer - Baker DX

The SKF Static Motor Analyzer - Baker DX family offers more test and analysis capabilities to meet the most demanding motor testing needs of motor service and repair shops. These instruments incorporate a full spectrum of both low- and high-voltage testing in models with maximum test voltages ranging from 4 kV to 15 kV.
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