Hydrocam Standard products range

Standard tensioner range

In its standard range of hydraulic tensioners, SKF offers no less than 6 different types of tensioners with characteristics which are both different and complementary.

The product range includes multipurpose, powerful, thin, compact and other types of tensioners, covering a wide range of bolt dimensions from M8 to M160 (5/16 to 6 in.), and able to apply tightening preloads ranging from 50 kN to 8500 kN.

This range should therefore meet your  tensioner and accessory needs. If however this were not the case, SKF also makes customized tensioners (adapting standard tensioner parts to your application) and special tensioners (new design of dedicated  tensioners)

Main advantages of SKF Hydrocam Bolt Tensioners:

  • No torsion stress in the bolt
  • High precision of tightening preload
  • Fast, safe and easy operation
  • Integrity and reliability of threads and bearing surfaces are maintained
  • Tightening and measuring operations can be partially or fully automated

Benefits of SKF Hydrocam Bolt Tensioners:

  • Safe and secure
  • Optimized tightening of bolted assemblies
  • Time saving in tightening
  • Cost reduction in commissioning, tightening control and maintenance

This table summarizes the main features of each tensioner, in order to help you select the standard tensioner for your operational requirements.

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