SKF Flowline software

SKF Flowline software
SKF Flowline software
SKF Flowline Software is  a windows software designed for controlling, monitoring and analyzing the SKF Flowline monitor oil flow measuring system.

With Flowline Software the user is able to monitor the operation of the measuring system, identify system components and configure settings like flow rate alarm limits of lubrication points.

In the user interface all the lubrication panels in the system are displayed. The user can select a panel, a monitor and a flowmeter on display by a click of a
mouse. The software is used also for configuring the flowmeter system. Panels, monitors and flow meters are organized and named on screen and the parameters can then be downloaded to monitors.

Software includes also flow and temperature trend collect feature. Trends are saved in daily or weekly files. The trend files can be viewed with off-line software: SKF Trend View. This is included in the installation package of the SKF Flowline Software.

Technical features:
  • The maximum number of SKF Flowline monitor flowmeters is 1000
  • Operating system: Windows XP
  • Interface types: Serial and Ethernet

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