Electric pump unit with follower plate and integrated metering device

Quicklub QLS401
Quicklub QLS 401
The Quicklub QLS 401 SSV is a complete lubrication system that includes all necessary monitoring and control functions, as well as a pressure-relief valve and an enhanced reservoir-stirring paddle that prevents grease separation. Outlet connections and standard-pressure plastic tubing must be ordered separately. Up to 18 lubrication points can be supplied via an SSV metering device with fixed output amount and can be monitored directly from the pump. The unit’s integrated, all-in-one system concept reduces installation time and costs.

Features and benefits:

  • Back- or bottom-mounted progressive metering devices
  • Internal lubricant return possible
  • Integrated pressure-relief valve
  • External programming via keypad
  • System monitoring with display of faults
  • Stirring paddle
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