SKF EasyRail Low Pressure

Dual-line lubrication systems for railway vehicles

Dual-line systemsSKF EasyRail Low Pressure transport compressed air and the lubricant in separate lines and meter the lubricant directly inside the spray nozzle.

The continuous compressed air supply for the pressure reservoir is enabled when the rail vehicle is made operational. The system pressure can be up to 10 bar. The lubricant is metered inside the spray nozzles (typically 0,03 or 0,05 cm³/spray) and applied with high accuracy onto the wheel flanges. The system operates without a grease pump and allows flexible installation with maximum line lengths of 5 m between pressurized reservoir and spray nozzle. The pressurized reservoir has been customized to holding capacities of 4,5 and 6 litres and can be installed horizontally or vertically.

The main advantage of this system is the high activation rate. A spraying cycle can get launched every second, supporting the rule of thumb to lubricate frequently but with small quantities.


SKF EasyRail Low Pressure can be used universally on all vehicle segments from urban transport to regional and intercity trains as well as locomotives. The ease of installation also allows quick retrofitting on existing rail vehicles.

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