Gas spring seals

Gas spring seal
Gas springs are devices used to lift and support in automotive and general industrial applications. The function of the seal is critical for the function of the gas spring.

SKF gas spring seals enable pressures of up to 200 bar to be durably maintained within the spring, while providing low friction and break-away force.

  • Bonded metal insert to support the sealing lips under pressure
  • Independent ID and OD sealing lips eliminate influences from the static OD lip on the dynamic ID lip
  • Specially formulated materials provide optimum sealing over a wide range of operating conditions
  • Lip designs for sealing of both long strokes and high frequency vibrations

  • Very low loss of force (high pressure retention)
  • Very low weight loss
  • Low break-away force
  • Low static and dynamic friction
  • Long service life
  • Experience from the market leader
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