HDS4 and HDS6 metal-inserted seals

HDS4 seals (fig 1) feature a patented moulded-in garter spring that cannot be displaced during installation. They also provide very good oil retention while minimizing wear on the shaft. HDS4 seals are typically used in the high-speed applications found in the pulp and paper industry. HDS6 seals (fig 2) are similar in design to HDS4 seals but do not contain a garter spring. HDS6 seals are designed for grease retention.
Both types are made standard of nitrile rubber. They are also available in any of the sealing lip materials used for the metal-cased HDS seals. Both HDS4 and HDS6 seals are equipped with moulded 12,7 mm (0.5 in.) spacer lugs that can be trimmed or removed if necessary.
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