Brakemaster H.C. Dual Turbo-2000 air dryer

Brakemaster H.C. Dual Turbo-2000 air dryer
Designed to meet the specific and difficult air quality demands found in high volume applications, the H.C. Dual Turbo-2000 is available in 12V 75W (6.6 amps) and 24V 75W (3.2 amps) options; and is an ideal choice for large compressor output applications. It can withstand compressor air flow output of up to 80 scfm and up to 40 percent compressor duty cycle – the standard Dual Turbo-2000 withstands up to 40 scfm and 100 percent compressor duty cycle.

Because the filtration feature is key to efficient air supply, the H.C. Dual Turbo-2000 is designed with the same internal filtration package as the standard Dual Turbo-2000 air dryer with 99.9 percent efficiency. It meets the 2010 EPA requirements for high output compressors on transit buses. The H.C. Turbo-2000 also meets the 2010 transit bus high output engine/compressor package requirements.

See below for specifications:
  • Weight: 47 Lbs.
  • Air inlet temperature: 160° F (Max)
  • Inlet/outlet port: ¾”NPT; control port: ¼”NPT; regeneration air port: 1/4" NPT
  • Air flow capacity: 80 SCFM
  • Duty cycle capacity: up to 40%
  • Drying medium: 8 Lbs. Desiccant (Spin-on Cartridges, 2 @ 4 lb.)
  • Drying medium Regeneration required: Dedicated External Tank,
  • Minimum volume = 600 Cu. In.
  • Internal filtration package includes 7 strategically position filters
  • Turbo protection valve: Internal
  • Safety valve: 175 psig

Part numbers:

VoltageWithout purge tanksWith 2 #221 purge tanks
12V (6.6 amps)620982620980
24V (3.2 amps)620984620986
If you have any questions about the new High Capacity (H.C.) Dual Turbo-2000, or need further assistance, contact your local SKF sales representative.  Or, call SKF VSM North America Customer Service at 800-882-0008.
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