Combining sophisticated design and a body manufactured from DuPont’s Zytel®, SKF TF Hubcaps resist impact damage, weather, chemicals, road salt, UV radiation, and ozone.  The various styles of SKF hubcaps – oil-bath, grease-packed designs, stamped steel, tamper-proof, Lexan® and PSI – are compatible with all popular lubricants, including the latest synthetics.  And TF hubcaps are approved by all major OE truck and trailer manufacturers, with a growing number installing them as standard equipment.
The SKF Splashguard features an exclusion technology with multiple barriers to protect wheel end components from outside contamination. The design includes a hard outer shell that resists power washing and road debris; a pressure sensitive vent that remains closed unless releasing pressure eliminates entry path for contaminants; and an extended surface for added coverage between the window and plug for better sealing. It also features side tabs for easy removal.

SKF Splashguards are conveniently packaged in groups of four and sealed in 8-1/2” x 6” plastic bags. They are available in green and black. A point of sale countertop display with six 4-packs of green Splashguards and six 4-packs of black Splashguards illustrating the features and benefits is available.
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