SKF introduces lug locking device

2011 April 13, 14:01 CST

Mechanism flags loosened wheel nuts on hub piloted wheels

Elgin, IL – SKF introduces its lug lock device, a mechanism designed to alert fleet maintenance personnel of a loosened wheel nut before it backs off the stud. The SKF lug lock provides a timely flag when a nut is in need of re-torque. Utilizing SKF lug locks will make a fleet’s re-torque program much more efficient, resulting in labor savings as well as getting the vehicle back into service sooner.

The SKF lug lock is constructed with flexible slits that allow it to slip onto the nut while maintaining the ability to tightly grip the OD of the nut, ultimately leading to a complete install in minutes. The slip-on locks interconnect with the hub piloted wheel to provide a visual alert of a loose wheel nut that needs tightening. Additionally the lug lock helps maintain the proper wheel nut torque to allow the tires to run truer, leading to reduced fuel consumption. Manufactured in the United States of a premium grade polymer, the lug lock resists water, road salt and debris to withstand the harsh environments of North America.

“The SKF Lug Lock is another sign of SKF’s commitment to wheel end safety and overall performance,” said Leslie Kern, Product Development Manager, Heavy Duty, SKF. “Combined with our industry-proven heavy duty wheel end components, the SKF lug lock device contributes to a more profitable and efficient wheel end system. Additionally, using the lug lock device adds to vehicle safety and recognition of the safety compliance programs implemented by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, particularly the new CSA2010.”

The new SKF Lug Lock fits virtually all two-piece wheel nut systems commonly used on trucks, buses and trailers. The lug locks are available in a 60-piece bag (part number LL33MM) and 20 bags of 60, totaling 1,200 in point-of-sale barrel (part number LL33MMB).

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