Maintenance Planning and Scheduling


Surveys show that planning increases the productivity of work performance by as much as 77%. Planning and scheduling is one of the most important activities to increase the efficiency in a maintenance organization and to reach world class maintenance.

To make it work well, service technicians need to communicate and cooperate in the right way with schedulers, work management, production, and operations.

Course objectives

To teach the basic principles for planning and scheduling of maintenance work. The participants will understand the necessity of planned work and its effect on interest groups and on maintenance measurements.

Recommended for

Personnel from production, operations and maintenance areas. Planners and schedulers. Personnel responsible for spare parts. Other personnel involved with the planning and scheduling process.


  • WC130 Spare parts management
  • RB02028 Spare Parts Management
  • GS03005 Inventory Management
  • MB04021 Calculating Wrench Time
  • JPG_RB04012 Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Fundamentals
  • MB03013 Planning, Scheduling, and Work Orders
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