Vibration analysis category 1, ISO18436


Compliant to BINDT CM GEN Appendix D PCN Certification Scheme. Certification to Level 1 will provide evidence of qualification and competence for individuals to perform vibration analysis measurements and analysis using appropriate sensors and equipment.

Course objectives

  • Operate portable instrumentation on pre-assigned or preprogrammed routes
  • Acquire readings from permanently installed instrumentation
  • Input results into a database and download sampling routes from a computer
  • Conduct testing under steady-state operating conditions following predefined procedures
  • Compare overall or single value vibration measurements against pre-established alert settings
  • Verify integrity of collected data; prevent or control poor data
  • Evaluate and report test results in accordance with instructions; highlight areas for further investigation

Recommended for

Personnel wishing to achieve PCN certification in vibration analysis level 1. Enabling qualification to perform single channel machinery vibration measurements according to established procedures.
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