Integrated Maintenance Solution at the Peace River pulp mill

This movie explains how SKF helped DMI’s Peace River bleached hardwood kraft (BHK) market pulp mill in Canada increase reliability through an Integrated Maintenance Solutions partnership.

Collaboration has Power

SKF’s asset management services help heavy industry customers predict when those machines may fail and plan shutdowns and repairs at the right time. In this film we show how SKF works in close collaboration with process pulp kraft mill Zellstoff Celgar in British Columbia, Canada on improving asset efficiency at the mill.

Integrated Maintenance Solutions at the Celbi pulp mill

This movie explains how SKF helped Altri Group’s Celbi market pulp mill in Portugal achieve its business goals through an Integrated Maintenance Solutions partnership, streamlined reliability centered maintenance and operator driven reliability.

Integrated Maintenance Solutions with Fibria in Brazil

This film explains how SKF helped the Fibria Group achieve its business goals through an Integrated Maintenance Solutions (IMS) partnership with their pulp mills in Brazil.

Proactive Reliability Maintenance at the Grigiskes tissue mill

This film explains how SKF worked with the Grigiskes mill in Lithuania to increase reliability. A SKF Client Needs Analysis identified areas for improvement and the establishment of a Proactive Reliability Maintenance programme followed.

SKF - Copper mining at the driest place on earth

The Chuquicamata copper mine is run by the largest copper producer in the world - Chilean Codelco. In this enormous copper mine, a 24/7 operation, there is no time for downtime. SKF has pulled ideas and solutions from different platforms to help the plant reduce maintenance cost and increase reliability.

SKF delivers integrated maintenance solution

SKF is helping Gränges with continuous optimization of its information-based equipment management platform, online monitoring for key equipment, offline monitoring for other equipment, periodic reviews of maintenance strategy, optimization of spare parts, daily process management, and periodic training for relevant technicians.

SKF - The power of providing excellent service

Delivering over 7 million liters of milk every day, and 11.7 billion liters a year, Mastellone is dependent on reliable machinery. See how we at SKF provide the best service to avoid stops in production that can cause spoilt milk and health risks for consumers.