Application SKF Shelf

Langue: Anglais
Format: Android , iPad
Icône Shelf

Fournit des brochures et des informations de produits SKF directement sur votre appareil mobile.

L'application Shelf vous permet d'accéder aux informations SKF depuis votre iPad ou iPhone. Une fois enregistrée sur votre appareil, l’application simple d’utilisation vous permet de localiser et d’extraire des brochures et d’autres informations sur les produits SKF à la fois en ligne et hors ligne. Vous pouvez également organiser les documents comme vous le souhaitez dans l’application. Vous pouvez aussi importer vos propres fichiers ou exporter des fichiers à partir de l’application.
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A single mobile source for relevant knowledge

Being able to refer to a wealth of detailed information, whether online or offline, gives you a major advantage in working life. But finding reliable, relevant sources online or searching through printed documents can be time-consuming. With a mobile collection of knowledge from a single source, you have the confidence that you can rely on accurate information at any time. 

  •  Clock

    Streamlined process

    25 minutes per day can be saved max. by streamlining process
  • Toolbox

    All in one

    Around 7,000 assets can be stored in just one app.

SKF Shelf benefits

Achieve confidence

Download and share information you can trust – all content is of high quality and updated regularly. Notifications inform you of new content relevant to you. 

Work on your own terms

Build your own personal knowledge library – you have the flexibility to customise your Shelf with folders and combine downloaded content with your own files. Assets are available in multiple languages. 

Save time

Get started instantly – there is no need to create a user account and content is pre-sorted into categories to simplify your search. Bookmarks, annotations, and favorites can be used to find specific information in less time.

The SKF Shelf app allows you to create your own personal library of SKF resources, from product brochures to technical guides and reference cases. You simply download the files you need for offline access, and organise them in a way that makes sense to you. This helps you save time, expand your knowledge, and prepare for customer or supplier meetings. 

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