Axial load carrying capacity

For the usual circumstances, where bearing life and smooth running are requirements for an application, the axial load carrying capacity for Y-bearings is determined by:

Fa  0,25 C0
Otherwise, the axial load carrying capacity is determined by the capacity of the locking method (also called ‘holding power’):
  • Locking with grub screws or an eccentric locking collar
    → Fa ~ 0,2 C
  • SKF ConCentra locking technology
    → Fa ~ 0,2 C ... 0,4 C
  • Adapter sleeve locking
    → Fa ~ 0,15 C ... 0,2 C


C=charge dynamique de base [kN] (→ tableaux des produits)
C0=charge statique de base [kN] (→ tableaux des produits)
Fa=charge axiale [kN]
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