Four-point contact ball bearings

Improve steering brake and clutch reliability

Angular contact ball bearings

For mining and mineral processing machinery, increasing reliability and productivity is a constant challenge. The SKF four-point contact ball bearing solution makes it much easier for transmission, steering brake and clutch applications. 


SKF four-point contact ball bearings meet the requirements of high frequency steering brake and clutch use. Their small axial clearance and high stiffness lead to increased reliability and productivity.

SKF four-point contact ball bearings

Robust materials and design

Angular contact ball bearing
SKF four-point contact ball bearings feature a number of optimized design innovations that enable them to run longer and more reliably, while reducing heat, noise and vibration levels.

SKF four-point contact ball bearings have undergone a unique SKF heat treatment to provide outstanding strength, stiffness and wear-resistance. An improved brass cage is lighter, to reduce inertia forces and provide better ball guidance. Lightweight PEEK plastic cages with the durability and performance of brass cages are also available.

A shoulder recess on the inner ring of the bearing facilitates dismounting, provides additional lubrication improvements, and a redesigned raceway shoulder transition makes the bearings capable of carrying increased thrust loads.
  • Extend bearing service life
  • Handle heavier axial loads
  • Cut lubricant consumption
  • Reduce noise and vibration levels
  • Reduce heat generated by the bearing
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