SKF Bearing Select

Format: Web application
Product platform: Bearing, units and housings
SKF Bearing Select

SKF Bearing Select is a web-based bearing selection tool that calculates the rating life of rolling bearings. The calculations are based on the theories presented in the SKF Rolling bearings catalogue - 10000EN.

SKF Bearing Select has the following features:
  • Compatible with its predecessor, SKF CADalog 
  • Calculation of rolling bearing rating life for a single bearing or two bearings on a shaft
  • Easy access through the Internet
  • No installation of software necessary
  • Integrated report generator for quick documentation 
  • Aligned with the latest version of the SKF Rolling bearings catalogue - 10000EN 
  • Updated bearing database containing the latest product data including SKF Explorer bearings
  • Possibility to store input files on the server or locally on your own computer
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