How to implement reliability in the wind industry – steps and procedures

Date : 2013-06-12T13:00:00
Lieu : Varsovie
Présentateur : Javier Saldise Ruiz de Erenchun, CBM Specialist, VESTAS
Conférence : SKF 8th Annual Wind Farm Management Conference


In order to implement a reliability project for OPEX reduction, you need to define the process, the procedures and analyze the data, to be able to take the right decisions and to reduce OPEX near to 40 %. Each task have to be done in the right moment and in the right way. The presentation will explain a procedure about how to implement a reliability strategy in wind turbines with clear steps on how, where and who need to perform relevant tasks, to permit other companies to implement and optimize OPEX. I will try to transmit my experience and explain normal mistakes done in the wind industry when implementing reliability, and help to be able to obtain PASS-55 certification (future ISO 55.000) which divides companies interested in "asset" from "standard" companies.

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