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Oil & Gas
Imagine the conditions in the North Sea. They take their toll on all types of equipment. Bearings are no exception. At one of the major production platforms, failing motor bearings used to cause gas compressors to break down as often as every third month. Each time, that meant 25% lost production for several days.

Jim Marnoch and his team provided SKF ProActive Reliability Maintenance services. After thorough analysis of the vibration signatures and the damaged bearings, they found a long term solution. SKF NoWear® bearings along with a new sealing arrangement made all the difference, allowing the compressors to run six times longer than previous, and they’re still running today. At today’s high oil prices, for every breakdown that can be avoided, the platform operator saves tens of million dollars. On top of that, these improvements also reduce health, safety and environmental risks.

It’s another great example of knowledge engineering at work.

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