Rigid thermoplastics and thermosets

Rigid thermoplastics and thermosets and their composites are characterized by much higher hardness and stiffness as well as reduced elasticity compared to polyurethanes, rubbers or PTFE. Therefore, they are used for components where mechanical strength is more important than flexibility, such as guide rings, anti-extrusion rings or special piston seal arrangements for heavy duty applications.
SKF offers rigid thermoplastics and composites in a wide variety of homogenous (unfilled or “virgin”) grades (e.g. polyacetal or polyamide), filled grades (e.g. glass fibre reinforced PA) and fabric-reinforced composites (e.g. phenolic resin with cotton fabric, PF). For extreme conditions, SKF can provide high performance materials such as PEEK (polyetheretherketone).
Table 1 lists common rigid thermoplastic and thermosets.
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