Growth and Development


SKF enjoys a high employee retention. Here, it is common that employees have been working for more than 10 years. Many families are working here for generations, from grandparents and parents to brothers, sisters or couples.

Working in SKF means a variety of opportunities because we are a global company. SKF has regional sales offices, distribution centers and production units in over 130 countries, offering countless opportunities for your professional and career development.


As a knowledge engineering company, SKF puts great emphasis on trainings.SKF has set up SKF Campus in Europe, Asia as well as Central and North America, providing its employees with systematic on-the-job training and classes.


SKF devises specific career plans for different employee groups, including new comers, veterans, management, technical experts, etc.


At SKF, we encourage our employees to seek longitudinal and horizontal self-development opportunities. For this purpose, SKF China develops specific internal application policy. Any employee who has working in the current position for or above one year may apply for any internal position according to his/her interests and capability.
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