Airframe rods and struts

New aircraft require the most advanced technologies to achieve the challenges of sustainability and reduced direct operating costs. At the same time, the speed of change within the aerospace market has dramatically increased, driving aircraft designers to offer more in a shorter time.

Rod technology

For over 40 years with the brand name SARMA, SKF has continuously improved and promoted the best ratio strength/weight for a rod: composite or metallic swaged tube. With nearly 3 million rods produced, SKF is the world leader and has the knowledge and engineering capabilities to meet your most stringent requirements.

Dedicated engineering for better aircrafts

Demonstrating a wide scope of competencies in engineering, the SKF range of rods covers all types of applications and raw materials. Based on our long experience and knowledge in engineering rods, SKF can help you to build bigger, lighter, more efficient aircraft.

Partnerships for efficiency

Aiming to become your preferred partner for all your rods requirements, SKF has also successfully implemented a panel of powerful solutions to improve the supply chain. In addition to Electronic Data Interchange and common web platforms, kitting solutions and customer services increase the efficiency of teams on the aircraft assembly lines.

Sustainable and cost-effective aircraft

Weight reduction of your applications is one of the main goals of our engineers. As the SKF metallic rods achieve the highest strength/weight ratio and their eventual end fittings are developed with the most efficient raw materials, the total weight of your application is optimized. Weight savings mean lower fuel consumption and thus a sustainable and cost-effective aircraft.
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