SKF Mudblock cassette seals

A new generation of wheel-end protection

Wheel-end bearings in agricultural equipment must endure long, intensive work periods during which they are exposed to water, mud, straw and more. Representing the latest generation of radial shaft sealing units, SKF Mudblock seals offer robust protection against these harsh field conditions and contaminants, enabling increased productivity, reduced maintenance and lower operating costs.

Featuring an integrated sleeve, a multi-lip seal design and high-performance elastomeric materials, SKF Mudblock seals deliver market-leading performance in terms of oil retention while reducing friction and extending seal service life. Specially developed for heavy-duty jobs in harsh environments, the seals feature an SKF-developed nitrile rubber as standard. To meet diverse temperature and rotational speed requirements, the seals are also available in other elastomeric materials.

SKF Mudblock seals MUD11

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