Centralized lubrication systems

The right lubricant quantity at the right time

Centralized lubrication systems can be as varied as the farm machinery in which they are used. Drawing on our comprehensive range of lubrication pumps and feeders, SKF provides solutions that are customized to individual customer requirements.

SKF automated centralized lubrication systems are equipped with a universal but simple control system that provides optimum lubrication to each machine lubrication point. Bearings are lubricated at regular intervals while the machine is in use and all bearings are in motion.

This results in high operational reliability for these systems, even in the harsh conditions encountered in agriculture. By providing proper, precise lubricant replenishment to all required points, centralized lubrication systems from SKF enable a range of benefits:
  • Significant savings in repair and spare part costs
  • Increased machine reliability
  • Up to 50% savings in lubricant costs due to accurate timing and dosing of lubricants
  • Significant increase in bearing service life
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Greater worker safety
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